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If your passion is construction and the built environment, then this is the place for you with all major builds and developments featured, fantastic photography, posts maps and trails.

Whatever your interest in Birmingham, whether as someone who lives here, someone who's visiting the City or someone who's working on a proposed development or a new build, It's Your Build will give you everything you need.  Find out what's happening in and across Birmingham.  What's planned, what's being built and who's involved in what. 

Link to our extensive map of all the developments and builds, regularly updated to show whether they are approved or in the process of being built.

Its Your Build Map

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Birmingham Skyline

Birmingham skyline. Photography by Daniel Sturley.

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Council House

103 Colmore Row and the City's Council House.  Photography by Daniel Sturley.

It's Your Build is the most comprehensive guide to the built environment ever to be created for a city.




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