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Follow here with It'sYourBuild, the development of One Centenary Way, a 280,000 sq. ft 13 storey building, the first build as part of Phase Two of Paradise Birmingham.


In brief

This development is quite unique as it has had to address a number of below-ground constraints. 

The main one is that the A38 Queensway Tunnel, running directly underneath the building, is to remain active throughout both the construction and its future occupation.

Given this there is very little opportunity for the building to make contact with the ground as a traditional building would. The innovative solution in the absence of a normal load-bearing core, has been for the building’s façade to provide the stability in the form of a "Vierendeel Exoskeleton".

In addition to this solution, and to avoid any interface with the live A38 tunnel, One Centenary Way will sit on storey height transfer trusses. This will result in transfering the load of the façade and the buildings floorplates either side of the tunnel.  Then, by constructing a podium slab on top of the trusses, a lid will be formed to the car park and a table created for the Vierendeel Exoskeleton to sit on.

Wow what a build and a masterclass in both design and engineering!

The developer is Argent.  The architect is Glenn Howells.  The contractor is Sir Robert McAlpine

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Project dates

14 Mar 2019 - On-going


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