Community Passport and Centres for Pride of Place for people with health and wellbeing challenges

This feature is all about how people facing challenges with their health and wellbeing are using Community Passport and Centres for Pride of Place.

Community Passport is a digital space for engaging and involving people in the making, the shaping and the promotion of the places they live in, grow up in and love to visit.

Community Passport is now widely used and has many applications with significant benefits for the health and wellbeing of communities.

In this feature, we discuss some of those benefits and reference the views of many people who have experienced such benefits.

People facing challenges with their health and wellbeing benefit in many ways, depending on their involvement with the platform :

Firstly, for those who benefit from having access to Community Passport so they can create, publish and share content.  These people are active contributors and their involvement helps them in many ways as we explain in this feature. 

Then there are the 1000's of people who now view content shared by others and use such content for "getting out and about", visiting new places and exploring places.  These people regularly use the many platforms now created from community generated content.  In fact, in just 3 years, platforms and maps created and published have been viewed over 2.5 million times. 


Contributors who face challenges with their health

There are a growing number of Community Passport users who have their own challenges with their health, particularly in relation to their mental health.

Many comments refer to the sense of belonging that the platform gives people with challenges on their mental health.

"Sharing what I like about the places I visit in my neighbourhood with other people gives me great satisfaction"

"It's my way of giving something back"

"It makes me feel valued as part of my community.  I feel part of a team writing about the places I go to that are close by"

Daniel, a person with autism, and someone who has been instrumental in the development and planning of Centres for Pride of Place, has found the platform to be a massive help to his health and wellbeing.

"It is my medicine for my mental health"


Viewers of the content published by the community

Then there are the thousands of people viewing the content created by those using Community Passport.

This content is a great way for people to find out what is on their doorsteps or a short walk, cycle ride or bus journey away.


Centres for Pride of Place 

Centres for Pride of Place are being rolled out across the West Midlands and provide places where people can share their passion for their local places, meet with others to share that passion, contribute and share content. 

Centres for Pride of Place are also places where people can access material and information that, possibly due to a lack of access to a digital device or wifi, they would otherwise not be unaware of.

This can include maps of the area, information on places to explore and trails to experience.

A Centre for Pride of Place is quite unique in that it is a place for community as both contributors and users to meet.  It is information created by community for community.

The benefits again, in terms of health and wellbeing, from being and feeling part of a local place and a local community, are huge.  

A Centre for Pride of Place can connect people purely online or can be both digital and hosted at a place for people to meet.

Centres of Pride of Place can be hosted at schools, libraries, museums, parks and at community centres. 

They can be hosted at places that are already built or at places being built.  They can be hosted by developers, by architects, by local councils and by people who want to engage and involve community in the future of the places they live in and grow up in. 

In fact, a Centre for Pride of Place can be hosted anywhere where people come together. 


Community Connections video (engaging contributors with mental health)

Watch our video HERE about Centres for Pride of Place and Community Passport and why people with mental health find these of such benefit. 


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