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Birmingham is a city inspired by sport. It is not suprising to see this enthusiasm growing at grass roots with the great support given by business and community. Let us show you how.

Given the City’s long tradition with holding amazing sporting events, Birmingham is a natural choice for hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2022. From athletics to world gymnastics, we have been captivated and entertained by so many talented and gifted sports men and women from across the globe.

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What is perhaps not so well known is Birmingham’s contribution to the Olympic Games by hosting one of the pioneering multi-sport festivals, the National Olympian Games in 1867.  See the amazing article by xxxxxxxx.

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So given this enthusiasm for sport, it is not surprising that so many in business, the health sector and across the community are working hard to promote the benefits of engagig in sport.

Take a look at some of our inspiring stories of individuals who have taken up the batton to promote sport and the benefits whether they be physical. mental or cultural. Let us introduce you, connect you and create even more wonderful collaborations. 



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