Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in Birmingham

Enjoy with us the celebrations held across Birmingham during the 4 day period (Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June 2022) of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 

In memory of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022).

The Platinum Jubilee weekend was held from the 2nd to 5th June 2022.

The Queen died on 8th September 2022, aged 96, heralding the ascension of her son as King Charles III (then aged 73).


The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

Birmingham is never one to miss out on a celebration and no better time to do just that than during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 

Beefeater in Chamberlain Square. Photography by artist Paula Gabb


There are some exciting events and activities happening across Birmingham to commemorate 70 outstanding years of our Monarch on the throne.

Here, with content from our many contributors and people with passion for Birmingham, we follow the 4 day celebrations.  Enjoy our posts and our gallery of photography and take the links to find out more.


Plan your 4 days with us!


Links for more details

What's On In Victoria Square. - full programme

Lawrence Barton with more  in this video.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Concert at Symphony Hall - Thursday June 2nd

Afternoon Tea on the lawn at Manor House Lane Allotments - Saturday June 4th

50's themed Jubilee picnic at Allens Cross Community Garden - Friday June 3rd

Snob's jubilee celebrations


Celebrate with us!

Not been able to get there - don't worry! 

Here's some contributions from Birmingham's People with Passion. 


Preparations ahead of main event

New StreetUnion Jack bunting On New Street towards High Street. Photography by Elliott Brown

Great Western ArcadeUnion Jack bunting in the Great Western Arcade. Photography by Elliott Brown

BrindleyplaceUnion Jack bunting at Brindleyplace to The Water's Edge. Photography by Elliott Brown

Celebrations start early in Chamberlain Square. Photography by Paula Gabb.


The main event


Thursday 2nd June 2022 

Photography by Daniel Sturley


Friday 3rd June 2022 

And the partying continues in Victoria Square.  Photography by Daniel Sturley.

FloozieBubble bath incident means the Floozie is dry again in Victoria Square. Photography by Elliott Brown.

Probably not what was intended but hopefully no harm done!  Photography by Elliott Brown.

ParadiseCelebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee at Paradise, seen on Centenary Way. Photography by Elliott Brown.

Over at Brindleyplace, the buntings out in force! Photography by Daniel Sturley.

Brindleyplace - a good place to chill out away from the crowds.  Photography by Elliott Brown.

Back in Central Square. Photography by Elliott Brown. 

ReflexSoundwave the Transformer having fun at Reflex the 80's Bar (The Crown on Broad Street). Photography by Elliott Brown.

And over at Kings Heath, all partied out!  Photography by Elliott Brown.


Saturday 4th June 2022

Kings Heath

Kings HeathGoldsmith Road in Kings Heath prepares for a Street Party on Sunday 5th June 2022. Photography by Elliott Brown


BillesleyUnion Jack bunting and flags at Menin Crescent / Brook Lane in Billesley. Photography by Elliott Brown

BillesleyUnion Jack bunting down Menin Road in Billesley. Photography by Elliott Brown



Sunday 5th June 2022

Final day of the 4 day celebrations and looks as though weather is not on our side. 

How many of our people with passion for Birmingham will be out celebrating today?

Victoria Square and Cannon Hill Park are cancelled due to the torrential rain.


Watch this space for more!


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