Cadbury Club Lodge - A Birmingham & West Midlands Gem!

A brown brick lodge built in 1895 by A. P. Walker. Located on Bournville Lane in Bournville, Birmingham. The Cadbury Club was located behind (until it was destroyed by a fire and demolished).

Where is The Cadbury Club Lodge?

The Cadbury Club Lodge at 83 Bournville Lane, Bournville, Birmingham, B30 2LU


In brief

There had been a social club on Bournville Lane established by Cadbury Bros in the late 19th century. The lodge was built in 1895 by A. P. Walker. But the club behind was destroyed in a fire in 2020 and then demolished. The lodge is now occupied by Business in the Community.

Cadbury Club LodgeCadbury Club Lodge (May 2013). Photography by Elliott Brown


As of 2023, the lodge of 1895 still stands, it looked lovely in the snow.

Cadbury Club LodgeSnow at the Cadbury Club Lodge (March 2023). Photography by Elliott Brown


Mondelez who owns Cadbury, said that the Cadbury Club will not reopen after the fire of 2020, as the membership has gone down. The Cadbury Club occupied a building built for the Bournville Athletic Club in the early 1900s, this was behind the lodge that still stands. The remains of the Cadbury Club building were demolished in early 2021.

Cadbury Club LodgeCadbury Club Lodge (April 2009). Photography by Elliott Brown

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