Engaging, involving and inspiring community!

Birmingham We Are is all about engaging community in their Place and inspiring people to become involved in the future of their City and the decisions taken. We facilitate placemaking!

Birmingham is placemaking at a rapid scale and its plans and vision for the future are both exciting and challenging.

Birmingham's community and its people will play a huge and vital role in the future of the city just as they have done to grow the Birmingham we see today.

Birmingham Gems - mapped and featured for you


Successful placemaking shows people just how powerful their collective voice can be, from decisions taken on local initiatives to their engagement in overall master plans that stretch well into the future. 

We are here to support the work of those who engage and involve community at all levels.

We will employ our growing and expanding maps created with community to look at places as people want to look at them.


We've mapped and continue to map the entire city


We've mapped the city centre and the city's neighbourhoods


We can employ a range of tools to engage with community and involve them in decisions that affect their place. 


Our placemaking toolkit


Video, drone and virtual reality

Surveys, polls, panels, discussion forums

Collaborative workspace

Sentiment analysis


We engage people in their passions 


We map and feature developments as they are proposed. 





We map and feature developments as they are completed.


We engage, consult, involve and inspire community so they can influence decisions.


We help community tackle place based challenges 






Let's connect and show you how we can help!


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Project dates

20 Nov 2019 - On-going


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