Introducing Nishkam Centre - Faith & Community

The Nishkam Centre in Birmingham is a great example of how collaborations and partnerships can really benefit community.  

Here we showcase the inspirational work carried out at the Nishkam Centre, introduce you to the people who make the Nishkam Centre so effective and provide through links and posts, information that you can use to connect and collaborate.

The Nishkam Civic Association (NCA) was established in 2003.  The organisation was charged with the task of developing a dynamic Sikh faith inspired civic agenda.

Their approach

"draws upon the universal values of empowerment, self -reliance and inclusivity, incorporating active learning, selfless volunteering, partnership working, and cultural sensitivity" 

They strive

"for originality and innovation, driven by the principle of working from whole to part, ever conscious of the impact of our thinking, attitudes and actions have on the ‘bigger picture’ of the life and environment that we share with others."



Example of their work with community


Arts, Culture & Heritage

The Centre connects with mainstream strategies and runs initiatives designed to improve community and economic wellbeing

Centre for Social Innovation and Centre for Arts, Culture & Heritage.

My Story Our Journey - an exhibition of Sikh migration to Birmingham and Black Country


Health & Wellbeing

Individuals experiencing mental health problems are welcomed into the centre and treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity.

Friendly Places Training at Nishkam Centre


Intra and Inter-faith dialogue

Interfaith dialogue at promotes understanding between different religions to increase acceptance, tolerance & respect of others & to increase one’s own loving sacrifice to others.

Bhai Sahib Ji with Pope Francis1


Centre Director - Amrick Singh

Amrick Singh, Centre Director, Nishkam Centre


Contact details

0121 515 4229

6 Soho Road
West Midlands
B21 9BH

Project dates

05 Mar 2018 - On-going


People & community


Your Place Your Space

Jonathan Bostock

0121 410 5520