The Rotunda, Birmingham, UK - City architecture

Standing prominently proud in the centre of the City is The Rotunda, completed in 1965. The City skyline views from the top floor serviced apartments are simply stunning!

The Rotunda


B2 4PA

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Photography by.Daniel Sturley


Architect: James A Roberts

Renovation: Glenn Howells and Urban Splash

Serviced apartments: Staying Cool


In brief

The Rotunda, a cylindrical highrise icon in the city centre was built between 1961 to 1965. It was renovated between 2004 to 2008. The Rotunda is 81 metres tall and received Grade II status in August 2000. Serviced boutique apartments are available in the upper floors from Stayling Cool.

The Rotunda

The Rotunda (December 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley


History of the build

The Rotunda was originally designed by James A. Roberts as part of the original Bull Ring Shopping Centre during the 1960s. It was completed in 1965, and had Commercial use from 1965 until 2004.

In November 1974, the Mulberry Bush pub on the ground floor and basement was bombed (along with the Tavern in the Town on New Street) in attacks known as the Birmingham Pubs Bombings.

In the 1980s and 1990s the top of the building had an advertisement from Coca Cola (it looked like a giant Coke can).

The building received Grade II listed status in August 2000.

The Rotunda was refurbished between 2004 to 2008 by Urblan Splash and Glenn Howells Architects. 

The Rotunda

The Rotunda as seen from Digbeth (August 2020). Photography by Elliott Brown

Photography by Barry Whitehead (July 2019)


Views from the serviced apartments in The Rotunda

Photography by Karl Newton (2019)

Photography by Damien Walmsley (May 2019)

Photography by Daniel Sturley (May 2019)

Photography by Daniel Sturley (May 2019)

Photography by Chris Fletcher (May 2019)

Photography by Christine Wright (May 2019)

Photography by Jay Mason-Burns (May 2019)

Photography by Pete Davies (May 2019)

Project dates

16 Jul 2019 - On-going


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