The IKON Gallery - A Birmingham Gem!

The IKON Art Gallery is an international acclaimed contemporary art venue located in the wonderful Oozells Square, Birmingham. The Gallery is in a Grade II listed building.

The neo-gothic Grade II listed building that is home to the Ikon Art Gallery was formerly a Boarding School. The building, designed by John Henry Chamberlain, was built in 1877.

As well as being known across the world for its contemporary art, The Ikon Art Gallery is also an educational charity and is active in encouraging public engagement with contemporary art. 

If you are unable to visit the Gallery, take a look at this archive of impressive work and events it has hosted HERE.  

IKON GalleryIKON Gallery (June 2009). Photography by Elliott Brown


IKON Gallery

Modern stairs near the lift inside of the IKON Gallery. Photography by Elliott Brown


History of the IKON Gallery

The IKON Gallery was founded in 1965, but only moved to it's present location in 1997.

The Gallery was founded by four artists from the Birmingham School of Art, David Prentice, Sylvani Merilion, Jesse Bruton and Robert Groves and was originally located in the 1960s Bull Ring Shopping Centre.

By 1978, the artists moved the gallery to a former carpet shop on John Bright Street close to the Alexandra Theatre.

In 1997, the gallery finally re-located to Oozells Square.


History of the building

This spectacular building was built in 1878 for the Birmingham Boarding School by Chamberlain and Martin. It was altered by the same practice in 1898.

Paul Clarke of Levitt Bernstein oversaw the refurbishment work needed to turn the building into a Gallery in 1997.


Exhibitions held at The Ikon Gallery 

Over the years there have been some stunning and fascinating contemporary art displayed at exhibitions held at the IKON Gallery.

For example, in the autumn of 2019 there was an exhibition of Barry Flanagan bronze sculptures. There was even one outside in Oozells Square at the time.

Barry Flanagan

Bronze hare by Barry Flanagan at IKON Gallery (October 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Big Hoot Birmingham 2015

There was a trail of painted owls around Birmingham from the summer of 2015 for 10 weeks. Before being sold at an auction for the Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity.

Outside of the IKON Gallery in Oozells Square at the time was Midnight Moths by the artist Alyn Smith, it was sponsored by Harrow Green.

IKON GalleryMidnight Moths (by artist Alyn Smith) outside of IKON Gallery (July 2015). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Big Sleuth Birmingham 2017

There was a trail of painted bears around Birmingham and the West Midlands from the summer of 2017 for 10 weeks. Before being sold at an auction for the Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity.

Outside of the IKON Gallery in Oozells Square at the time was The Ink Detective was by the artist Mr A Singh, the sponsor was Deloitte.

IKON GalleryThe Ink Detective (by artist Mr A Singh) outside of IKON Gallery (July 2017). Photography by Elliott Brown


Key to the City Birmingham 2022

The IKON Gallery is one of the locations where you can use your Key to the City. Get it from Birmingham New Street Station during the summer of 2022. Or get nominated, and you will be gifted one.

Key to the CityKey to the City at the IKON Gallery (June 2022). Photography by Elliott Brown


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