Victoria Square House - A Birmingham Gem!

Victoria Square House, formerly a General Post Office and now an office building, was designed by Henry Tanner and built between 1889 and 1891.  Iron:Man was outside 1993 - 2017.

Victoria Square House was designed in the French Renaissance style and was the city's head post office up till 1972. It is located between Pinfold Street and Hill Street in Victoria Square, Birmingham. 

Victoria Square HouseVictoria Square House from Victoria Square (December 2009). Photography by Elliott Brown


The former public counter of the post office is now a grand entrance lobby for the office building.

Victoria Square House

Iron:Man reflection from Victoria Square House from Victoria Square (April 2011). Photography by Elliott Brown


History of Victoria Square House

Victoria Square House was built from 1899 to 1901, and operated as the General Post Office until 1972 (when the Royal Mail moved to larger premises, which is now The Mailbox). It was later the headquarters of the TSB. It was saved from demolition by the Victorian Society, although the former sorting office behind was demolished in 1989. The present rear building opened in 1991.

Victoria Square HouseVictoria Square House from the Council House (January 2020). Photography by Elliott Brown


Iron: Man

The statue of the Iron:Man by Sir Antony Gormley was located in Victoria Square from March 1993 until it was removed to storage in September 2017.  It was originally a gift to the city from the TSB whose headquarters used to be in Victoria Square House. Unveiled in 1993. It was originally named Untitled but gained the nickname Iron:Man from locals. It is made of iron. The TSB moved out of Victoria Square House when they merged with Lloyds Bank in 1995. The statue was cast at the Firth Rixon Castings in Willenhall. It represented the traditional skills of Birmingham and the Black Country. The statue remained in place for many years, it was suggested that it be relocate to Bristol which was the new headquarters location of Lloyds TSB. But as it was a gift to the City of Birmingham it remained here. It was removed to storage in September 2017 ahead of the building of the Westside Metro extension to Centenary Square (Grand Central Tram Stop to Library Tram Stop). He returned to a new spot in Victoria Square in the middle of February 2022.

Iron:ManIron:Man outside of Victoria Square House (May 2009). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Iron: Man returned to a new spot in Victoria Square during February 2022. This now meant you can see Victoria Square House with the Iron: Man and a West Midlands Metro blue tram!

Victoria Square HouseVictoria Square House, West Midlands Metro tram and Iron: Man (March 2022). Photography by Elliott Brown

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