Ladywood Estate Regeneration Scheme

The Ladywood Estate regeneration scheme has to be Birmingham's most significant housing redevelopment project for many years.  It covers an area of over 60 hectares.

The Ladywood Estate regeneration scheme is a £2.2 billion scheme in an area that is just a short walk from Birmingham's city centre.

The vision of this scheme is to create a neighbourhood that is sustainable, family focussed, set within a high quality environment, connected by streets and public spaces and supported by local facilities and amenities. 

The scheme will take 20 years to complete.

It will provide affordable homes, fully refitted and refurbished tower blocks, open spaces (including play areas and parks), new community facilities (including schools, healthcare facilities and community spaces), better connected public transport amenities, improved walking and cycling routes, jobs and training opportunities, funding for community projects. 

Birmingham, Looking over Ladywood from the Library's 'Secret Garden' - 7th February 2024





Project dates

06 Feb 2024 - On-going


Construction & regeneration


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